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The King Hussein Foundation

In 1999 Her Majesty Queen Noor al Hussein founded the King Hussein Foundation in order to serve as an enduring commitment to His late Majesty's humanitarian vision and legacy: Happy Few is deeply honoured to pay a tribute to King Hussein and support Queen Noor's action.

Stéphane Ruffier-Meray

"I believe I must live with courage and live well, serving and abiding by my principles, regardless of any difficulties I face, so that when my time come, I will at least have done my best."


"... Enlightened citizens are the most valuable asset a nation can possess, and that education is the finest legacy one can pass onto future generations... Although your learning will continue through your experiences in the careers and lives you choose, you will begin to be jugged by your contribution to society and to mankind... Give back in deeds what you have taken in learning. This will be your new responsibility and your lifelong challenge."



Visit of Their Majesties for the laying of the Foundation Stone at the Jubilee School. 2 May 1995.

Queen Noor with French President M. Jacques Chirac.


"The truths are : that basic human rights are inalienable, that peace is indivisible, that relationships between nations and people must be reciprocal and that justice the only foundation for security. We must create peace. We need a sense of security in our private and national lives: we need hope for our children: we need trust with our neighbors; we need opportunities for our development and faith in the moral conscience of the world and in our own destiny. None of these is possible without peace. The edifice of peace, which we envision, will not be easy to construct. But we are determined to continue our efforts to build it."



Their Majesties at the Opening of the National Conference for Childhood.

4 May 1992.


"The right of human beings to live is the most sacred of all human rights, and the quality of life is an integral part of that right. That quality is being threatened now the growing dangers to the earth..."



Their Majesties at the Arbor Day Ceremony in Balqaa University.

15 January 1998.


"Our goal is to ensure that environmental protection becomes as deeply embedded in our national psyche and in our human spirit as our existing commitments to balanced development, pluralism, human rights, and regional peace based on justice and international law. We are deeply committed to this goal, despite the severe constraints of political, economic and democraphic pressures on our country... For we could be morally, politically, and perhaps even criminally negligent if we were to place financial profits and material comforts above the goal of the integrity of our earth, the welfare of our people, and the life prospects of our children and grandchildren."



King Hussein takes a break from Cancer treatment at Mic Clinic U.S.A. to help mediate the WYE river peace agreement between Israel & Palestine.

October 1998.


The KHF is a partner in regional initiative to establish a King Hussein Memorial Cancer Research to benefit all in our region.
In 1999, the KHF joined forces with the International Youth Foundation's global campaign, "Children's Hour" to encourage every working individual to donate the earnings from the last working hour of the millennium to the world's children. The annual campaign in Jordan specifically supports research and treatment programs for children with cancer, sadly a fast growing segment of our population.


First public appearance of Queen Noor following the death of King Hussein. Visit to cheer up children with cancer at the King Hussein Medical City. 20 March 1999.



HF : What made you decide to create the King Hussein Foundation ?

Her Majesty Queen Noor : After King Hussein's death many in Jordan, the Middle East and around the world expressed the desire to support us to give enduring form to my husband's legacy of humanity and peace. We established the King Hussein Foundation as a national and international non-profit, non-governmental organization to sustain and build upon that legacy by focusing on humanitarian issues of particular interest and concern to him. Specifically. we are seeking to sustain and build upon the late King's lifelong commitments to peace and sustainable development in the fields of education and leadership, environment and health, and democracy and peace.

HF : What programs does the Foundation stand for ?

Her Majesty Queen Noor : Her Majesty Queen Noor: Our Education for Peace program is a major initiative which promotes excellence and equal opportunity in education and the development of dedicated and compassionate future leaders committed to the service of their country, capable of dealing with the peacemaking and peacebuilding challenges of the Middle East and the world.

  • The Jubilee School, founded in 1993 as a tribute to his commitment to education, was for King Hussein a source of great pride and hope for the future of our youth. It provides a unique secondary level educational environment, which promotes creative thinking, leadership and conflict resolution skills, science and technology expertise and community service. The school's mission is to develop the academic and leadership potential of promising scholarship students from the country and the region, with special emphasis on students from disadvantaged areas. It has positioned itself as the leading educational institution in Jordan and the Arab Region in promoting Excellence in Education and in introducing information technology into education.

  • The Jubilee School's Institute for Excellence in Education is advancing national and regional educational standards through information technology based curricula, public and private teacher training programs. It has become a major resource for educational reform and IT training in our country and the region.

  • The KHF Scholarship Endowment awards scholarships for graduate studies in fields vital to Jordan's future development. A key priority for us now is to raising an Endowment of US $ 15 million to ensure the programs' sustainability and the School's scholarship fund for needy students.

  • Also, I have been working since my husband's death on a photographic record of my husband's life and work. This labor of love for those of us who have dedicated almost two years to assemble a unique historical archive will be released on November 14, his birthday anniversary.

  • In addition, the KHF is developing plans for a Library and Museum dedicated to His Majesty King Hussein's life and his work, to serve as a meeting place for scholars and thinkers engaged in furthering His Majesty's vision.


HF : Do you consider the cancer research & treatment issue as a priority ?

Her Majesty Queen Noor : Cancer research & treatment is a priority today everywhere in the world especially in poor developing countries in desperate need of research, education and prevention programs. We support and work in association with cancer treatment and research facilities which serve Jordan and the region. The Foundation's Environment and Cancer Research Fund sponsors research into issues of environment and public health. The fund supports cancer research, treatment and public awareness programs. It encourages national and regional conservation strategies and efforts to promote a healthier environment and food supply.

HF : What means does the Foundation dispose to support and develop its actions ?

Her Majesty Queen Noor : The Foundation works in cooperation with national, regional and international public and private institutions which share our goals.







Given the current extreme strains on the Jordanian economy, the KHF is depending upon the generous support of friends and allies around the world who value and recognize the importance of King Hussein's vision and legacy to prospects for peace and progress in the Middle East.

HF : Every Year on the 14' of November, the Foundation awards the International Humanitarian Prize. For what reasons have you created this Prize?

Her Majesty Queen Noor : The King Hussein Humanitarian Leadership Prize has been created to recognize and support individuals, groups or institutions who have demonstrated exceptional humanitarian leadership in their efforts to advocate for and promote sustainable development, human rights, tolerance, equity and peace.


Queen Noor, patron of the Royal Society for the Conservation of nature at a ceremony celebrating Earth Day. 22 April 2000.


Queen Noor opens the 20"' Arab Children Congress in Amman. 8 July 2000.

Amman. Queen Noor leads the AI Hussein march against cancer. Thousands of Jordanian join her to raise donations for Al Aman Cancer Fund that looks after the poor to offer free cancer treatment for less privileged citizens.

22 October 1999.


Queen Noor opens annual Festival in Jerash. Queen Noor and daughter of Lebanese diva Majeda AI Rumi.


Queen Noor visit a nature reserve in East of Country

Mailing address: King Hussein Foundation - P.O. BOX 926687 - AMMAN-11110 - JORDAN
Phone number: (962-6) 560 7460 - Fax: (962-6) 560-6994

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